I've been copyediting various documents for over 10 years, from movie scripts to doctoral dissertations to newspapers. Living in the Republic of Georgia as I do, I'm also relatively cheap. So if you need anything proofread or edited, please let me know. 

For Georgians, my basic rate for editing translated documents is 15 GEL for one page (350 words). Negotiable depending on the quality of the translation/writing. I am a permanent resident of Georgia. 


I have been teaching English for 10 years and received my CELTA in 2011. I specialize in adult teaching in the communicative style, integrated with various smart phone applications. I teach only private, from single students to small groups of up to 6 students. 

For lessons at my location (near Isani), I charge a rate of 30 GEL an hour for the entire group or individual. For lessons at your place of work, house, or cafe, I charge a total of 50 GEL for the entire group or individual. 

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