When your cat brings you a dead rat, it's a sign of love. But when your cat starts trying to convince you to murder your next door neighbor who happens to be a time traveling thief, it might be time to see a doctor. Coming home from his mundane desk job stamping pages all day, Eddie Levitt talks with his nihilistic cat and dreams of becoming the success he’ll never be. But one day, his life takes a dramatic turn. His neighbor points out that his hobby science fiction stories have already been published. He soon meets a girl from his nightmares, goes on a hunt for a time traveling thief and seeking to find the ultimate meaning to everything, ends up on a murderous rampage. This part morbid comedy and part psychological thriller will have you on the edge of your seat, turning every page until you see finally how it ends is really how it all begins.

Read now what reviewers are saying is a layman's version of Dostoevsky and a book that is much more like Kafka than just a simple romp through time.


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