A collection of short stories of famine, war, and starvation. The only difference between man and animal is hunger. How we deal with it, if we let it control us. This collection of 6 haunting stories all follow that theme. There are historical fictions from the World Wars, more modern stories from the Caucasus, and a post-apocalyptic nightmare of a family finding their way from Prague. All of them will leave you questioning your humanity.



I would like to invite everyone who's interested in a festive evening of music, readings, and drink to celebrate my newly released book, Hunger.

The party will be held here in Prague at A Maze in Tchaiovna on Thursday, the 1st of June.

There will be a complimentary drink and food, along with live music by the Underground Man, Keiko Yamamoto, and Davit Adam, and readings from the book. You'll also have the chance to purchase your own autographed paperback edition.  

A Map to Tchaiovna


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